House Tour: Guest Bedroom

I showed a peek of my guest room way back in March with the boob light replacement project, and it is pretty much exactly the same.  There was a crazy big/vibrant extra piece of furniture added thanks to my mother-in-law’s move to a smaller place.  Can you spot it below?

Wowza.  If you guessed the blue and pink armoire than you’re right.  She knew about by love to refinish things, so she sweetly offered it to me and I, of course, accepted.  With all of the amazing molding, it is going to be AWESOME when finished, but that is a whole other post.

This room is the catch-all room (I’m sure you guys have one of those?).  You can see all of my extra photo frames and glassware perched on top of the beautiful blue armoire, which is full of my floral school supplies.


Upon moving into the house, this room was a nightmare. Stacked piles of junk covered the entire floor wall to wall.  Aside from the light fixture, and clearing the room of all it’s junk to make way for my girly furniture, that is all we’ve done.

My plans for this room are going to be an overhaul!

  • rip up carpet
  • paint floor white or stain weathered gray
  • paint three walls and either wallpaper or stencil the fourth
  • repaint all wood trim surrounding doors and windows
  • get new closet doors that are not of the bi-fold variety
  • all new window treatments, art, linens, furniture (I might keep the bed, but that is only if we stay with a full instead of upgrading our guests to a queen)

I posted a mood board for the rustic Scandinavian look I was going for back in August, and currently, this is still pretty close to what I’m envisioning.  I want the entire upstairs to flow, and I have some bright pops and more modern art in my office just next door to the guest room, so I’ll probably also incorporate some of the same ideas. And don’t forget about the armoire!


What are your thoughts? Do you have a catch-all room in your house? Any plans to renovate?

Have a SUPER Tuesday!

p.s.  I have some SUPER JUMP OFF YOUR SEAT amazing news tomorrow.  You won’t even believe it!  (but you’ll have to, because it’s real) Come on back tomorrow to see what it is!!

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