House Tour: Kitchen

Many of you have already seen pics of my kitchen when I posted about the before and after transformation back in March and then again when I posted about refacing my dishwasher with stainless steel contact paper. But I didn’t talk much about our continuing plans for this space.  As you can see from these pictures, we have a serious lack of cupboard space.

Our ‘Sink Room’ has seemingly plenty of cupboard space, until you take into consideration that all of these cabinets are only 10″ deep… not even deep enough to fit most dinner plates!

This has led to some rather creative solutions for storage, including the armoire in my dining room filled with entertaining supplies and small appliances, and a surprise little cubby in our stairwell that houses other non-daily kitchen items.

So here are my thoughts on storage and a few other remaining projects in the kitchen:

1. The storage.  I’m contemplating adding in some additional small cupboards above the existing ones.  Utilizing glass front doors will keep it from getting too heavy, and allow some of my clean white dinnerware to be put on display.  This could add to the apothecary type vibe I have been striving for and help to keep the lower cabinets open for pantry storage.  I have also thought about adding a wall of open shelving to the wall opposite the stove and current cupboards, but although I love open shelving in concept, I’m not quite sure I could pull it off.

2. Re-sand and re-stain some areas of the floor.  Since the floors in this old house aren’t completely level, some of the polyurethane pooled in areas causing there to be a grey-ish/yellow cast on parts of the floor.  I need to get the hand sander and fix those spots.

3. Make a roman shade for the big window.  I currently have fabric hanging from a rod – no hem, no pocket, just hanging.  I honestly hung it there because I wasn’t sure if I wanted curtains in my kitchen at all, and seriously after a year of it hanging there, I’m still not sure.  I feel a roman shade isn’t too big of a commitment and I can always just take it down in the future if it isn’t hitting the right note.

4. New ceiling fan.  Our fan is actually pretty new, but it is really traditional.  I want something a little more period appropriate.  Although in the ‘period’ I’m after, they didn’t have ceiling fans… It’s proved to be a challenge!  Why can’t schoolhouse electric carry ceiling fans?

5. New Rug.  This is a little controversial in my house.  I’m not sure my husband or the dogs want one, but I do… we’ll see what I decide!

So you’ve seen the before and after, you’ve heard back back and forth about rug options, and you’ve heard me gripe about ceiling fans.  But, in the end, the kitchen is definitely one of my favorite spots.  I want to carry its theme a little more through the rest of the downstairs as well.  All of the new stainless appliances and clean streamlined subway tile add a more industrial and modern impact.  This is I think what the rest of the floor is lacking… I’ll need to pick things up a notch!

Any decor dilemmas on your hands? Care to share?

Have a SPLENDID Monday out there, guys!

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