House Tour: Master Bedroom – The Extended Cut

I’ve called it many things, (the closet room, the room attached to our bedroom, perry’s room) but in reality, I’m pretty sure this room’s purpose is to be a nursery.  I grew up in an old farmhouse also, which had the same type of master bedroom appendage, which we called the orange room (it was literally neon orange).

We most regularly call it the closet room for obvious reasons The closet (and it’s terrible upside-down bifold doors) is off this room, and we have some small dressers in this room also.  That’s it.

I’d really like to utilize this room to its fullest potential and I’ve considered a few different uses for it.  My favorite, and least practical, involving turning the entire room into a huge walk-in closet.  We want the space to serve more of a joint purpose, however, so the solution is to use the room as a type of sitting room and dressing room.  Although we don’t have children yet, in the future we will and having a separate little sitting space in our own room will be a nice little retreat from the rest of the house, and also give me a place near my closet to ready myself.

Here is the plan to make that happen:

1. Open up that wall the closet is on, and reconfigure the doors to make the closet large enough and accessible for both my husband, Matt and I.  Currently, the closet us much bigger than it appears, but accessing all of the space involves a climb inside.

2. Tear up carpet and replace with the same floor treatment we choose in the bedroom (we’re still a little divided over new carpet vs. hardwood).

3. Secure some better dressers which allow for more storage.  Our current dressers are tall and skinny- each drawer fits only two pairs of pants! I got them at a garage sale, and think they could work for some other purpose later in our upstairs renovation projects.

4. Relocate the TV to this room.  (possibly on the wall between our two new closet doors so that it is visible from bed?)

5. Change out crazy 0.99 disc light fixture.

6. Add some cozy furniture.

Our plans haven’t gotten much further than this.  We are looking at this big picture right now, and don’t have many of the details firmed up.  When We get all the carpet pulled up and build the built-in shelves for the bedroom, we’ll probably tackle this closet project too.

Any big changes in your future?

Have a HAPPY Monday (and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!)

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