House Tour: The Bar

I wouldn’t say that the intent of this ‘room’ was to be a bar.  My husband’s grandmother (who lived in this home during the early days of her marriage, some 80 years ago) says it’s a hallway.

It is a little wider than a standard hallway, you could call it a ‘pass-through’ with it’s purpose just being a little shortcut under the stairs into the kitchen. Upon moving into the house, the 80’s carpet extended through this hall and the walls were white.  I painted it Behr’s River Mud (the same as the entry) in 2008.  The ‘Vino’ art and Thomas O’Brian console are both from my first ever apartment in 2005.

This long board was fixed to the wall with coat hooks screwed in, lined up down its length.  It was this way for years and years and years (at least 70).  Matt and I didn’t want to do away with it completely, and although we didn’t want to use it as a coat rack, we wanted to keep it in place.  Making it into a shelf for glassware storage seemed like a good solution. We placed a 2 x 4 on top as a ledge, and built it out with some trim. We also swapped out the existing 70’s gold globe lighting with a simple ‘arts and crafts’ style pendant.

A wall with some built-in cabinets faces the shelf, and holds an amazing surprise! I was pretty excited about this when I moved in…

A built-in wall safe with hand painted interior dates back to 1873.  The house isn’t that old, so it definitely had another home prior to this one. Up top of the safe was open shelving which Matt rigged into a built-in wine fridge for me!

Originally we set this room up as the ‘bar’ due to its proximity to the kitchen and a lack of any other idea for it.  Now that we’ve been living with it for a few years now, it seems very grown-up and somewhat indulgent.  In a house this old, there is no way we’d have something as modern as a wet bar, but somehow this seems ten times better – a creepy old safe, wine fridge, and all our booze? Can’t beat it!

At some point I would like to refresh this room a bit and make it more of an extension of the kitchen by using the same color palette.  This isn’t high up on my list, but is definitely on there.

Do you have a dedicated bar area in your home? Please tell!

Have a FABULOSO Monday!

p.s.  We’re heading out of town Thursday for a wedding in Chicago, so I only have  3 day week… which is why I’m pretty sure my Monday is going to be fabuloso!

p.p.s. For other house tour photos, you can click on the HOUSE TOUR link under ‘Regular Scoop’ header to the left!

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