How Do You: Christmas Transition

how do you holiday transition

Hey there!!  How was your long holiday weekend?  I’m still basking in some of my Christmas glow over here, which brings me to the subject of the day.  During a conversation this weekend, the women in my family all had starkly varying views on how long Christmas decor should remain up.  I fell strongly in the camp of keeping the spirit alive until New Years Day, but others were firm on starting the ‘tear down’ the day after Christmas.  When we lived out west in the mountains, christmas lights were deemed ‘winter lights’ and stayed up until March.  I loved it.

I feel that some of the timeline definitely includes when your Christmas decor went up as well.  It’s so much work, that putting it up just to turn around and take it down seems a little abrupt, which might be why I’m holding onto my decor a little longer this year, since we were out of town most of December and didn’t fully enjoy the decor.

So today, I wanted to hear from all of you?  What do you do? Take it down immediately?  Wait till the new year?  Leave it longer? Post your comments below!

photo: Nicole Franzen

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