How I Started My Product Line


Even after over 4 years of blogging, it always kind of surprises me that when people email me asking for advice, 9 out of 10 times, it’s about starting a product line.

And it’s always either wondering how to get started at all, or how to source manufacturing.  Plenty of people have Etsy shops or create a handmade product in this corner or the internet, but very few people know how to take that handmade craftsmanship and scale it up.

I was on a call with someone last week whose beautiful handmade products were featured on TV (which is amazing) but they couldn’t fulfill the flood of orders (not amazing).

It’s people like this I decided I needed to help.

I had 10 years of working in manufacturing, design, and product development.  I felt a little obligated to do SOMETHING to help these people.

Originally, it started with 1 on 1 consulting, but working like that only enabled me to help one person at a time, and since I was just doing the work FOR the clients, they weren’t learning and weren’t able to use that knowledge for subsequent seasons or products.  Plus, if someone wanted to work slowly, they were paying me to hang around while they got their ducks in a row, which was wasting their money.

I’ve been mulling this over for about a year and finally this spring it hit me.  Why can’t I charge far less (like 90% less) for the same information by just putting it online so that the people who need it have access to it at their own pace. I’ll still do coaching, but in a group format, making it easier on everyone’s pocketbooks (does anyone say pocketbook anymore?)

SO, without further ado.  Today, I announce the opening of registration for my course: Design it, Produce it, PROFIT.

If you’re interested in giving it a look over, head to the shiny new site and see my semi-embarrassing video!

If you’re on the fence, or have questions, join me TONIGHT at 6pm eastern in a live webinar where I’ll be teaching you the 10 steps to creating a line, with 3 mistakes you don’t want to make.  Plus, I’ll be answering your questions!  I hope to see you there!  SIGN UP HERE!

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