How to: Turn an Unscented Candle into a Holiday Scented One

holiday candle hack

I love a good holiday scent – specifically anything Christmas Tree related – spruce, fir, whathaveyou. I find, however, that with the bajillion of candles that I have in this house, there is just no need to add more.  So I’ve developed a little trick to turn the plain votives that I use so much into scented candles.

diy scented candle without melting wax


Years ago, I bought a Balsam & Cedar home fragrance oil for about $5, but realized that burning it straight was a little overwhelming, so that is when I developed this little trick.  I simply add the oil to drugstore epsom salt and surround a plain glass votive with the salt. Then, when the plain candle burns, it warms the salt, giving off a much more subtle scent than just the straight oil in an oil burner.

Not only do you use less oil, but then you don’t have to buy a burner!  I’ve told you guys how many of my DIYs stem from being super cheap! See the step by step photo directions below. 


turn unscented candle into a scented one 1

turn unscented candle into a scented one 2

turn unscented candle into a scented one 3


I’ll also admit that the reason I love this so much is because I always feel like store-bought scented candles have ugly labels! I don’t necessarily want a blaring label with crazy colors in a cute vignette, so this trick enables me to use any glassware that I like.  It’s a trifecta of goodness!

I actually have these guys lining the stairs in my holiday decorated entryway!  Check it out here!


p.s. Have you guys been liking all of our holiday posts?  I haven’t been getting a ton of feedback so I was afraid that it is holiday overload or something!  If you didn’t catch the announcement – I’m posting TWICE each day from Dec 1st until Christmas – once at 6am and once at 12pm EST.  I had so many ideas to share and I didn’t want to postpone them until next year (which is what I usually do).  But if it’s overwhelming or too much to keep up with, let me know!  I’d love to hear your feedback!  If you’re just getting caught up we have lots of great stuff:

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