I’m Still Here

Wow.  It’s been some time, no?  I never, ever, anticipated taking so much time off from blogging.  I always thought that blogging was a part of my life that would continue to be a part of my life.  I guess it seems nuts to quit working for myself just 8 weeks after having a baby.  How many moms would love to work from home?  Really, it was all about the logistics and a small creepy feeling I got from benefitting off my daughter’s childhood.

First, logistics. My business did well, but if I was going to keep pulling in my regular monthly pay, I’d need full time child care… and my monthly pay as a full time blogger didn’t quite justify the cost of that care.  Working as a full time blogger is a full time hustle.  There is no rest, it is absolutely constant. Styling yourself and your baby for social media, planning content and living your life around that content is not only exhausting, but it’s a little bit invasive.

Second, the creepy feeling. More and more, I felt that I was exploiting Maeve and her childhood by making everything moment into a blog post. It wasn’t just about oversharing my own day to day, but hers as well. Although I do share on social and the blog about Maeve, I didn’t want this to be the foundation of my income and livelihood.  Something about that didn’t feel ok. I’m not saying that I won’t share about how journey though motherhood, but I certainly want to be careful about how it’s done.  I hadn’t quite figured that out and needed to step aside and get a good feel for how to progress.

Also, there is the content.  This is going to sound very critical, and I certainly don’t mean it that way, but here goes.  I was feeling increasingly like a lot of bloggers (including myself) were just putting random ass crap out there because they needed to keep this train moving.  Were these ‘DIYs’ really something you’d want in your home? I felt like content was feeling forced and wasn’t authentic.  Right before the baby was born, we did a ton of real DIYs around the house that I live with daily and love.  But after she came, I just didn’t need a painted, shellacked, embroidered, dip dyed anything… you know? I needed real, genuine time with my family.

So, I know you guys aren’t looking for an explanation.  But I felt like I needed to give a little more information.  I hope to delve back into blogging slowly as it suits me and you.  That being said, I have a few posts planned for the upcoming weeks – some baby essentials, a meal planning guide which is about a year later than I promised, and some details on Maeve’s 1st birthday party! Plus, I have more travel stuff and some outfit ideas to share!

I am thankful that you guys stuck with me though the hiatus.  I appreciate you all so much and can’t wait to reconnect!

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