I Think It’s (Chair) Love

Just about a month ago, I told you guys about my decision to go with the iconic wishbone chair in my dining room, and they’re finally here! After I posted about them in Perching Perfect, my wonderful friend (and House of Earnest Contributor) Lacey Anne sent me a text that a store in Nashville had a very good replica of the chair I wanted.  And they were only $99.  As it turns out, the store had a Cincinnati location too.  I cruised down there with a friend on Saturday and Voila! There they were, and they were nice.  I don’t know what I was expecting for $99, but there were really nice.

If someone could be in love with their dining room chairs, it would be me.

If you recall, the old chairs were bought at around $20 each to serve as place holders until I found something that I really loved.  The were too contemporary and sleek for the room, and I’m aiming for something modern, but casual and comfortable.  Since the table is so large, it can quickly start to look stately and commanding.  I want my dining room to be a place where long conversations are had over dinner with friends,  homework and volcano projects are made, and ideas and collaborations are born.

I think all of those things start with a good chair.

I think tonight I’m going to do my very first new project in the dining room, sitting on my new chairs. It’s another fun Valentines surprise for you guys later this week! Get excited (get excited about the chairs too, because I’m seriously dying about them over here).

Have a SPECTACULAR Monday!

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