In Good Favor

As many of you know, we hosted a harvest dinner last night for a few friends and I’m here today to say that I think it was a success! II wanted to share the favors with you today, and I’ll continue to share more and more of the event and the DIYs for the party throughout the week.

Monogram votive candles provided by Illume served as both the placecards and the party favors for our guests.  I loved the idea of using something individualized for each friend to take home with them, and the Red Cedar scent was perfect for the late fall season.

I had the initials for all of the girls’ first names and all of the men’s last names.  It was fun to see how people choose seats based on their letters.  I had actually planned it with couples sitting together, but with the overlap in initials, it also happened to work out that all of the girls initials were on one side of the table while all of the men’s were on the other.  It definitely wasn’t something I thought about, but it was a more interactive way to have everyone take their seat.

So this was just one sweet detail from last night, but definitely one of mine (and my guests’) favorites.  Pop back over tomorrow for the full scoop and some of the other projects and food that made the afternoon fun and special!

Have a wonderful start to your week!


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