(In Need of Some) Summer Reads

Summer Reads copy

I’m taking off this morning on another business trip and a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong.  I haven’t had much time to read this summer, so I’m really excited for the downtime and the opportunity to catch up on some of the volumes that have been waiting on my ‘must read’ list.  There aren’t many (and I didn’t include any crime novels although I’d love some good recos), but here are a few titles topping my list.

For the all-around-good-reads, I’ve heard wonderful things about The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman, Tell the Wolves I’m Home by  Carol Rijka Brunt, and The Cuckoo’s Calling by J.K Rowling.  I only home that the latter is better than her previous non-HP attempt, which I didn’t love.

I’ve also got a fair amount of design books that have been taking a back seat to the abundance of summer projects I’ve been trying to bust out.  I pretty much love anything by Darryl Carter, so The Collected Home has been on my wishlist for a while.  Interior Portraits by Victoria Hagan looks to be a beautiful slew of inspiration, and The Soul of a House by Chris Madden is one that I’m sure I’ll take my time pouring through.

Have you guys read any of these?  Thoughts?  Or if you have a phenomenal book I must get, let me know!  I’ll pick it up at the airport!


Have a fantastic week, guys!  Just because I’m out of town doesn’t mean I don’t have some amazing stuff lined up.  I’ll be unveiling my herringbone walls this week, we have a $500 giftcard giveaway going on, and I’ll be sharing style and travel amazingness on Instagram!

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