In Season: Persimmons

To start off, I’m fairly unfamiliar with the Persimmon.  I didn’t even know how to spell it before researching for this post, but I know that it’s in season.  The local market where I do most of my grocery shopping only carries in season fruits and vegetables, which can be somewhat frustrating when you’re looking for bok choy in February, but is really nice when someone like me is trying to use and get to know new things.

I saw some very orangey-red plump persimmons at the store last weekend and contemplated purchasing, but stopped short. What on earth would I do with them?  I got home and hopped online to find out that they’re a very traditional holiday fruit. Breads, scones, pies, bundts, preserves, you name it. I was intrigued.

I scanned through a ton of recipes, and found a few that looked right up my alley.  I have another grocery trip in store for Saturday morning to prepare for my harvest supper on Sunday, so I’m going to pick a few up.  I think I’ll try the mini bundts, possibly.

Let me know – have you ever tried or made anything with persimmons?  Let me know!


photo credit: fresh persimmons | table | bundts | scones

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