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travel essentials - 1

travel essentials

I’m currently in the air heading to Hong Kong for a little business trip.  I posted about my travel jewelry box before, but thought that letting you guys in on how I bring the comforts of home with me on all of my many adventures would be fun. 

So, as you’ve realized, I am up in the air about every couple of months, so where I used to ‘rough it’ a little more, now I really value making the places I spend so much of my time feel comfortable and welcoming.  Illume happened to send me some goodies which coincided with my trip and the new line is called Eternal Nomad, which I’m beginning to think is the perfect word to describe me. 

ONE a notebook for all of those crazy ideas that I get mid-air.  TWO a travel candle for when I get to my room and it’s musty (which is usually with the humidity in the far east).  THREE a travel jewelry box to keep my gems in check. FOUR coconut mango cream keeps me hydrated in flight and the body wash is what I use to wash my hands and up my arms before deplaning for a meeting. FIVE a soft scarf to use as a blanket, a pillow, or to wrap around my face in a duststorm.

Don’t think that because I’m on the other side of the world that I didn’t prepare an amazing couple weeks for you on House of Earnest!  Tomorrow, I have my National Painting Week reveal to show you which I’m crazy excited about.

What can’t you live without when you travel?

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