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stars and stripes napkins

I had so much fun with this DIY over the weekend and I have been biting at the bit to share it today.  It was one of those, ‘will this look as cool as I’m envisioning or will it fall flat’ moments and I was SO happy with out it executed.  I didn’t want the shapes to look too cookie-cutter 4th of July, but to take on a more American heritage vibe.

I literally had a blast styling and playing with these guys and now have them adorning my dining room.  They’re just lovely with a natural indigo ikat look.  I couldn’t be happier (is it crazy that napkins make me this happy?  You should ask me about coasters…).  Anyway, you have a whole month to do this one, so you’ll definitely have time to get your own before the holiday.

DIY stars and stripes napkins

indigo stars diy napkins

hand patterned napkins

Styled with neutral white plates, greenery and silver touches, I love the feel the whole table creates.  Can’t you just imagine sitting around outside in dusky candlelight?

I’m really getting carried away here.  The full tutorial is very easy, just a few key steps will ensure vintage Americana success. 

For supplies, all you need is two bleach pens and 4 100% cotton napkins.  They MUST be 100% cotton.  This is super important, hence the capitalized must. I got mine from West Elm on sale!

indigo stars and stripes napkin workflow

Spread out the napkins on newsprint or poster board.  ONE using a ruler, create stripes 1cm apart on one half of the napkin.  Have a paper towel handy to wipe off excess bleach between lines.  TWO on the opposite side, draw out and fill in your stars.  To make them even, start with one on each end, then do the middle one, then fill in with two starts on either side of the middle star.  Let the napkins sit for 1 hour. THREE rinse out all of the bleach then wash and dry.

DIY stars and stripes napkins

Each one of mine vary slightly which give them even more character.  I hope you love your creation as much as I do!

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