It’s Been Awhile


Wow.  I did not intend to take such a hiatus, but one crazy new life thing led to another and then I looked up from my mountain of busy and it’s been three weeks.  In the life of the blog I had never taken such a long and sporadic break, but it was much needed.

To say the last few weeks have been hard would be an understatement. They’ve been actually physically exhausting and emotionally difficult as well. I waffled a little bit with how much to tell you guys, but then figured that transparency is always the best policy.  Especially when transparency is part of the reason I needed a break.

Let me explain.

Physically, I’ve never been more drained… literally.  I learned three weeks ago that the milk I was producing for the baby wasn’t enough and she was loosing weight.  I, myself, have lost a fair amount of weight also and my body was depleted, having trouble keeping up with her needs and mine. I had to start supplementing with formula so that she would gain enough weight and the knowledge that I couldn’t provide for her just kind of broke my heart a little. I launched into a full scale attempt to increase my production which involved pumping around the clock, eating special herbs, drinking special teas, and downing as much water as I could humanly take.  It took all of my energy to keep up with feeding Maeve and making sure she had enough.  I didn’t want the supplementation to undercut my supply, so I’d breastfeed her, then give her a bottle, them pump.  Then I’d repeat 2 hours later.

This entire process was then thrown for a loop when I decided that I would take a job working outside of the home.

Yes, you heard that right. I’m not working from home blogging full time anymore.

This is the emotional part of my last few weeks.  Over the last year, I’ve gotten the feeling that I needed to get out of the house and start working in the corporate world again.  It was a big decision that took me the better part of a year to make. Although I love blogging and running my shop, I was feeling like I was in a professional rut.  Running the business and the shop looked shiny and glamorous from the outside, but I wasn’t growing.  I wasn’t challenged. I had this underlying fear that as each year passed, my skills were becoming more and more irrelevant.  I was feeling so removed from the bustling world of business that I once reveled in.

I knew that there were so many parts of the digital world that I wanted the dive into deeper, but didn’t really have the capacity to do this on my own.  I felt an intense need to learn from experts and to be part of a team again.  I set my sights on getting a job in the digital marketing field.  Since all I know of digital marketing I taught myself (my past corporate experience was in retail merchandising), I also knew this wouldn’t be an easy pivot.  But, I fell into a great situation.  I have a really wonderful friend who believed in me enough to recommend me for a fabulous position that would both utilize my internet skills and allow me to learn from a really talented team.

Regardless of how excited and honored I feel to dive into a job with so much opportunity for growth, the transition has been hard and emotional.  This new work means leaving Maeve in someone else’s care, upping my pumping game, and backing off of the blog a bit during the transition.  The blog has been such a big part of my life for 6 years now, so taking a step back is hard, but necessary.  I need to figure out my new schedule and let things settle a bit before jumping back into blogland.  I hope you understand.

I’ll be in and out, but want you guys to know about new posts!  Since my posting won’t be super regular, go ahead and sign up below so that you can get updates on when I post!


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