It’s What’s Inside that Counts

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In matters of house and home, I have an embarrassing confession to make.  As resourceful and cheap as I can be in some areas, in other areas, I am downright irresponsible.

Let’s back this up… I pinched pennies for so long through college and afterwards, I used coupons, compared prices, bought generic, you name it.  Then, when I started making decent money at my first ‘real’ job, I splurged. I splurged on everything from trash bags to Louis Vuitton bags.  Obviously, I saved a lot for those bigger purchases, but the problem came when I did little shopping – groceries, various sundries – I didn’t even look at the prices. I just grabbed what I thought was better… the name brands.

Yesterday, I went to the store to pick up normal things – paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, cereal.  Being in the recent self-employed state that I am, this time, I really looked at the prices.  I thought about the fifty-cent or dollar differences between brands and thought – is it worth it? 

This brought to mind the thought of worth vs price. There are things that are cheaper, sure, but are they as good? Alternatively, are the items that are pricier actually better? I think we both know that isn’t always the case.  There are generic things that are awesome and other times when you’ve really just got to buy the brand name.

I got to talking to some friends about this last night, and we’ve all got our preferences.  One friend swears by the $2 powder dish detergent (instead of the pricier pods) while another can only eat Jif peanut butter (absolutely no other brand!). This got me thinking about my own preferences.  I will tell you that one of those cheap paper towel brands is actually my new worst enemy – it won’t tear at the perforations! It’s been making me absolutely crazy and I end up using double the amount trying to get a piece that isn’t torn to shreds. When it comes to other household items, I have my favorites, but unless it’s trial and error, how do you know what you can get away with?

On my end, I clearly have an issue with cheap paper towels, but I am totally ok with Foldgers in my cup every morning instead of the ‘bucks (call me unsophisticated, but I like it and it’s like, a billion dollars less expensive).

Tell me… What splurges do you swear are a must and what things are you ok with the cheaper alternative? I’d love to hear!



photo source: Jock and Morag

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