Kilim Style Pitcher DIY

global pattern pitcher diy

I love a good kilim rug and I think a lot of you do too.  I’ve incorporated these flat-woven rugs (traditionally from the area surrounding Turkey and Kurdistan) into my home in the form of rugs, pillows, textile stools, and table linens.

A couple of weekends, however, I was having a party and needed a pitcher for some lemonade and realized I didn’t have one. I went out the next week to get one to prepare for a summer of parties and entertaining and suddenly realized why I didn’t have one… because they’re all a little boring.  Most were glass and had an old kool-aid style shape.  I wanted something that was somewhat cool (can a pitcher be cool?) so I kept looking.  I finally bought a white ceramic one from Target for $14, but still wasn’t thrilled with it.  It sat on my counter for a week, still in the bag.  I was going to take it back and go splurge on something from Anthro, when I got the idea to try and save money… and rescue the boring pitcher. I’ll do a little pitcher diy.

I then bought some ceramic paint and got the brilliant idea to paint some sort of Moorish geo pattern on it.  After sitting down, paintbrush in hand, I realized that it would be a disaster.  I needed something a little less freehand.  Something with a pattern. 



I’ve remembered back to this set of glasses I made and drug out the decoupage. So just with tissue paper and a little (dishwasher safe) Modge-Podge I went to work.




I got the basic pattern for the pitcher diy from a table runner that I love (you can see it in action here and here).  I stared at the runner for a little bit and noticed that it was made up of little cubes.  I cut out a bunch of little squares and then some larger parallelograms and rectangles (side note, if you would have told me in 7th grade geometry that I’d be using parallelograms in this way, I’d have laughed at you).  Anyway, I sat with my piles of tissue, a plastic dish of decoupage and slowly mapped out the whole pattern.  There were a few mess-ups, but I just scraped those pieces off with my tweezers and kept on.

instructions for pattern pitcher


The whole project was super cathartic. I listened to one of my favorite new podcasts and Matt was mowing the lawn.  I think its one of the first things I’ve done for myself in a long time.  Not only did I get that quiet time, but I also got a gorgeous pitcher out of the deal.  I’d say it’s a win-win.






I think the wonkiness of some of the pieces add to the character too.  I think this could easily look like a ‘find’ from world travels or something! So, this leads me to TWO questions for you (which you can just answer in the comments below).  First, have you used the dishwasher safe decoupage for a project you’re proud of?  Secondly, have you done anything recently that allows you to totally get some ‘me’ time?


Hope you guys love it and are inspired to make a graphic masterpiece of your own!  Happy Wednesday!

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