Kilim Upholstered Dining Bench

kilim upholstered dining bench

You know the feeling when you have something big coming up and you’re against the clock trying to get everything done?  We’re having Friendsgiving at our house this weekend, so I’m in a big push to get a lot of the half done projects complete.  This feeling to complete everything is less because my friends care what my house looks like and more because all of the half done projects are living in the dining room, in the exact spot where people are going to need to eat!

One of the smaller projects was this bench that I’ve been working on since August.  Yes, over three months ago.

If you’ll remember, I was near complete with this bench, when I hit an unfortunate snag.  The snag being that the entire thing fell apart. I had used pine wood not thinking about how soft the wood was and how easily it splinters. As soon as I put the weight of the top on the bench, the entire thing collapsed. 

With the splintered and broken pieces laying in my dining room for the last few weeks, I felt like I was being mocked every time I looked at the pile of wood.  Then last week, I was sitting in my office working on my online course, but couldn’t focus because of the aforementioned half-completed projects and haunting pile of wooden rubble.  So, I decided to do something about it.

kilim upholstery diy

You might be having deja vu at this moment.  You might be thinking, “wait, I remember that rug… weren’t you going to cover an ottoman in your guest room with it?”

Why yes, you’re right, I was.  But then I realized that the rug wasn’t wide enough to cover the ottoman, so I had a change of plans.  I got to thinking about how we never have enough seating around our giant dining table and thought that a bench might be a great addition of seating and of pattern to my underwhelming dining room.  And boy, did it!



Look at those beautiful colors!  The rust, navy, and subdued blues and greens are perfect in my neutral dining room.  The bench gives seating for 4-5 which is amazing for our parties as well.   The only downside is that I don’t have a step by step tutorial for this one.  Just the pure and simple joy of having something on my list, and crossing it off, and then boasting to you guys about it. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Have a wonderful week friends!  I hope you all are crossing things off your lists too!

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