Kitchen Open Shelving Project


I am SO excited today to share the most recent kitchen update.  We had some open shelving on the plan and completed it this weekend.  I was really eager to see the gorgeous brass brackets from Rejuvenation up on the wall, and they’re just as beautiful as I imagined.

Although it seems like a pretty straight forward project, you probably know that in an old house, nothing ever is… straight or straightforward, that is. 

Our walls are drywall over top of old lath and studs behind lath are almost impossible to locate, so we have to just use the most heavy duty drywall anchors known to man for every project. Even with the drywall anchors, though, my original plan of using the excess butcher block was going to be too bulky, so I picked up some simple 48″ pine planks and gave them a little antique oak stain.

DSC_2770 DSC_2772

I’ve already been utilizing the handiness of the open shelving while I’m making meals and preparing my morning breakfast.  I have the dry goods – granola, rice, almond flour, and loose tea stashed up there in a mixture of glass and ceramic canisters.

The shelves are also the perfect place for other oddly shaped ceramic cookware.  Usually I have to fight with piles of serve ware that are stacked on top of each other in my dining room armoire.

I made sure to put a pretty catch-all bowl on the end of the shelf to be a home for our keys and a flashlight (so we can see where Perry is when she goes outside in the early morning!).  I love that unclose shot of the brackets! Look how shiny and beautiful they are against the stained wood and creamy gray walls.


I absolutely adore how they turned out and especially how the shelves look with all my pantry goodies stashed atop.

I’m lucky to have Rejuvenation as a partner in this kitchen remodel and if you think these shelves are gorgeous you won’t believe what we have in store for you soon… and HINT there’s something big in it for you too!  Just keep that in mind (wink!).

Stay tuned for the next update it’s going to be a big one… the upper cabinets!

disclosure: This post was done in partnership with and supplies were furnished by Rejuvenation.  

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