Kitchen Renovation Updates

cabinet progress

There’s nothing quite like trying to match a paint/stain concoction that you yourself dreamed up five years ago, yet, that is exactly the adventure I embarked upon this weekend.  I already had some reservations about trying to match the kitchen cabinet color, and the older man working the paint counter at The Home Depot didn’t reassure me at all. In fact, he was the same man I’d bought the paint and polyurethane from back in 2010, although I doubt he remembers me.  


Back then, I decided that I wanted black cabinets, but I didn’t want them to be solid black.  I wanted some of the wood grain to show through as well.  They were originally that yellow-y oak color found in so many of the homes that had been renovated in the 80’s. We sanded them down, then applied my 2 part soft black paint, 1 part polyurethane mixture. It worked wonderfully, but didn’t keep well.  So five years later, I’m looking at recreating that same mix, but this time to be used on the fresh pine we bought to build out our upper cabinets, making them taller.

We’ve talked about building on top of the existing cabinets for a few years now, but I think it was the realization that we’ll be in this house for at least another 7 years that got me thinking about the turns my life will take during that time, and what we’ll need out of this house to remain sane.


Since the kitchen is pretty tiny and cabinet space at a premium, I always knew that we’d have to get creative when increasing our storage. One day just sitting in the kitchen, looking around, it dawned on my to build UP.  This would give us plenty of space for lesser used glassware, serve ware, cooking gadgetry, and cookbooks, opening up the bottom cupboards for essentials like pantry items, everyday plates, and cookware.

After Matt had cut all the pieces, it was time to discover if, indeed, the color could be matched.  I hesitantly mixed the concoction as I remembered it and brushed it on the trim pieces.  I took a piece into the kitchen, held it next to my (5 years) earlier work and was elated that we had a match! Since the mixture isn’t stain (it’s paint with a little clear mixed in), the base wood color didn’t show through too much and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.


Plus, while we had the paint out, I decided to give the island a little facelift by painting the bottom black to match the cabinets.  The top will get another treatment (I’m thinking marble) since the current pine butcher block won’t match the countertops we’re putting in.

IMG_9703_1 IMG_9713_1

It’ just partway done, but the feeling inside of the kitchen is already so different.  With the frames stretching up to the ceiling it feels bigger, more stately, if you will.

This week, we’ll tackle the rest of the frame, I’ll give my island another coat of paint, and we’ll start planning out cabinet doors (with glass!).  After the cabinets are complete, we still have:

  • Lighting Change
  • Wall Paint
  • Trim Paint
  • Kitchen Cabinet Buildout
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Floating Shelving
  • Island Special Top Treatment
  • Decor

So, we’re still in the thick of it, but I’m crossing my fingers that it’s all done before Friendsgiving in 3 weeks. We’ll see!

Have a great week!

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