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2014-08-24 18.10.07

With all of the rigamarole for the Emmy event, I had yesterday totally empty and I was determined not to do an ounce of work and to spend the entire day soaking in what I could of LA.  Not only was I determined to not open my mail or computer, but I also challenged myself to not make a plan for the day and just to go where it took me.  For someone who usually maps out each day by the half hour, that was a big challenge. I was talking to my husband on Sunday night and told him that I was going to relax and not make any plans for myself and he laughed doubtingly.

So, of course I had to do my best, right?  I have photo overload documenting what I did in 12 hours (just wait to you see where I had dinner)! I started out the morning bright and early at 8:30am in Venice.  I rented myself a bike at Perry’s Rentals and set out on the ocean-front bike path. It was early and not many of the interesting folks were out, but it was nice and quiet.

2014-08-25 11.20.27 2014-08-25 10.39.49

I stopped at a little beachside cafe and had some coffee.  I sat there for a while with my toes stuck in the sand reading home decor mags.  I hoped back on the bike and rode to the end of the trail which is in the Pacific Palisades area just on the north edge of Santa Monica.

2014-08-25 12.28.44 2014-08-22 16.55.00 copy

After riding about 12 more miles, I parked my bike and hopped up to the Santa Monica Promenade for some lunch.  I ate at a pretty touristy, but really wonderful little french place called Monsieur Marcel. After a light lunch I sat myself in a chair down by the beach and caught up on the book I’m reading.


2014-08-25 14.05.12-1

2014-08-24 16.30.58 2014-08-24 17.26.55

I got my fill of sitting and listening to the ocean waves, so I headed back to the Venice area and happened upon an ice cream truck at which I ordered the most amazing pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had in my entire life.  A little side note: I am doing the Whole 30 program and have been so tempted here in LA with all of the amazing foods.  This ice cream truck had a vegan pistachio ice cream which consisted of just Coconut milk, Cashew Milk, and pistachios. It. was. unbelievable. and it (pretty much) adhered to the whole 30 program. score.

After the sun started to wane, I biked my way back to the rental shack and returned my set of wheels.  I’d worked up a sweat and my legs were dying from all of that riding.

2014-08-25 16.32.16 2014-08-25 19.05.46

After a trip back to the hotel to freshen up, I headed out to Gracias Madre for dinner.  I actually made a reservation on Open Table for 1 because I’d heard such great things.  I was in love with the simple, modern, rustic decor with a mexican flair.  It was a gorgeous restaurant and the prices were so reasonable for Beverly Hills.

2014-08-25 19.05.56 2014-08-25 19.06.06 2014-08-25 19.57.08

The sunset was beautiful from my patio table and it was a perfect way to wind down a chalk-full day.  I only saw 3 neighborhoods, but it was full of relaxing, exploring, and eating.  Just my kind of day!

If you find yourself in LA anytime soon, I would highly recommend all of the places I visited!  Everyone was so nice and accommodating!

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