Late but Great


I’m not going to lie and tell you the last few weeks haven’t been difficult.  I’m adjusting to the new normal of being a ‘work at home mom’ and feel discouraged and defeated.  Work that used to take me a few hours takes me a few days now.   I’m so behind that when I do have a free hour or two, I can’t focus on any one thing, but the laundry list of work that’s been falling through the cracks.

I completely gave up on the notion of decorating for fall, seeing as how it’s already the end of October and so many other things deserved my attention.  I thought, “why go through the hassle this late in the game?”.

Then I remembered why.  Because I love it.  Because it’s the small things – like decorating the stoop, planting mums, or creating a seasonal wreath that bring me back to feeling like me.


It’s on the toughest days that relishing in the simple things – the things that we do just for the beauty of it – matters so much.  The days when we feel like the world is caving in and we can’t do one thing right are the days when we need to focus on the simple pleasures.

I thought fall was passing without me, but I realized this weekend that it isn’t gone yet.  So while my mums, my stoop, and my wreath might all be late, it made my day.  And that’s a great thing.

My leafy wreath is going to be on the blog on Wednesday… and I think that it can last all of the way through Thanksgiving, so if you are running late on life (like me), it’s NOT too late to do something pretty and autumnal.  Stay tuned!



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