Leather Belt Curtain Ties

I have to admit, the curtains in my office have been tied back with rubber bands for the last year… rubber bands.  I love the way worn leather looks, and thought that an old belt would make a beautiful and resourceful tieback for my office drapes. Using tools most people have at home, it isn’t hard to transform an old piece of your wardrobe into a simple, but pretty detail for inside your home.

I love the way that a simple gold turnback pin looks, but wanted to use supplies that would be easy to find at home.  A simple flat screw with a dollop of glue and paint works just perfect.

Keep reading for the full instructions!


  • Old Belt (the more it was worn, the less it will bleed onto your curtains)
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Paint

ONE cut the belt into lengths of about 18″ TWO poke a hold in one end of the leather strip with a nail and hammer to give the wall screw a place to go through.  This will be much easier than trying to screw through the leather. THREE Using a utility knife, carefully cut a 1.5″ line on the opposite end of the hole.

FOUR screw through your pre-made hole into your wall. FIVE fill the screw holes with glue and let it dry completely.  SIX paint over the glue with the color of your choice!

*House of Earnest quick tip* If you don’t own a power drill, you can make it easier to put screws in your walls by first hammering, then removing, a small nail into the spot.  The small hold creates a starting point for your screw and cuts down on manpower needed.

It’s not fussy or fancy, but rather simple and natural.  It mirrors the style in the rest of my home and I love integrating the leather details in subtle ways!


What’s holding your drapes back?



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