Let's Put the 'Fest' in Festive

I love a good sit-down dinner and Thanksgiving is the ultimate in loungy, relaxed, and festive dinners. Setting a good table not only makes my guests feel welcome and special, but it makes me really happy. 

I like to layer different textures, colors, and finishes.  I use gold, silver, brown, black – whatever I have on hand.  It doesn’t matter if your China is gold-rimmed and your platters are silver, I think mixing it all together is totally do-able.

Amber glassware is one of my favorite things.  It is so warm and rich in the fall and can pull double duty by being used in the summer with jewel tones for a sultry summery feast. 

Layered under the amber wine glass is a piece of natural parchment paper and a folded tea towel from West Elm as a placement.  I’ve placed pieces of white craft paper running across the table width-wise to create a connection with the person sitting opposite and add yet another layer of interest.  A pop of chartreuse in the napkins contrast well with all of the brown tones, while staying within the quirky natural theme.

I cannot do a dinner without name cards.  They make guests feel so special!  Keep extras on hand so that if someone shows up with an unexpected guest, they won’t feel left out.

I wrote each persons name on simple manila tags from my local craft store and embellished them with some fall mums and an acorn (because I just had to use them somewhere!). Everyone gets their little flower to take home as a favor too!

Although I loved the all green themed place setting I posted about last week, I can’t bring myself to do anything that departs too much from the classic autumnal colors and materials.  I just love fall so much, I want to soak up every last bit before the big push for Christmas.

How are you decorating your Thanksgiving table?  Are you keeping it classic, or doing something new and fun?

Have a SPECTACULAR Monday (and short work week!!)

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