Little Soldiers

I had asked you guys a week ago what your favorite part of summer was, and I’ve received so many amazing responses.  Everything from going to a family lakehouse to sipping something sweet to the festivities that surround the 4th of July.

I wanted to share with you my favorite part of summer, which is breakfast outdoors.  I don’t get to do this but every so often, and it may not be elaborate, but my ideal summer morning is drinking coffee and eating egg-soaked crusty bread outside.

The whole thing seems very European to me, so I put together a perfect scenario for my summer outdoor breakfast complete with a group of friends, and some fresh coffee.

photo 1/ collage 1/ecology pitcher and juicer 2/John Lewis oak egg holder 3/egg cup 4/dipped spreaders 5/egg top cutter 6/dundee marmalade 7/toast rack

Doesn’t it just seem like the perfect summer morning?

Ok, so I know I’m killing you guys here by dancing around the subject of who wins the West Elm give-a-way! Using a random number generator, fate has decided that it is Angela M who will win the splash of summer!

Congratulations, Angela! I’ll be emailing you shortly to work out the details.


I hope you all have a SWEET Tuesday!

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