Living Room Style Update: Navy Blue Sofa

Emily-Henderson_Spanish-House_Living-Room with copy

I hinted a little bit last week about a change in rug plans, so here it is…. I had quite the conundrum a few weeks ago when I realized that the original sofa I wanted to buy for the living room was no longer available.  I chose it originally because it was pretty inexpensive and I felt like splurging on a white sofa right before I have a kid is probably a terrible idea. I really wanted a white sofa, though, so I figured that not only could I stomach the $600 price tag of the Ikea sofa, but the cover was removable and washable, so that was two wins.  Was….

Regardless, it’s no longer available.  I researched other white sofas in that price point and they were either not the right shape or didn’t have removable covers.  And, again, buying a white sofa with a kid on the way that doesn’t have removable/washable covers seems like asking for trouble.

I was still considering buying the Ikea sofa, but just getting a cover made for it.  After tons of research trying to find a good cover, I landed on Comfort Works, a company out of Australia that makes slip covers for Ikea, Pottery Barn, and other standard sofas.

So, let’s stop here for a moment.  You know when you’re going down a research rabbit hole on the internet and you kind of loose sight of the real issue at hand or the original goal?  I was being blinded by the irritation of my Ikea sofa being gone and was solely thinking about that sofa.  Then, when snooping around on the Custom Works site, it just occurred to be to just slipcover my existing sofa… why was I even considering buying a new sofa to slipcover it?

I quickly realized that I was being ridiculous, but was so thankful that the ridiculous idea brought me to finding Comfort Works and their custom covers.  Then my mind went one step further.  If I didn’t have to buy a new sofa, and these slipcovers were such a great deal, why don’t I take it beyond white.  I’ve always adored Navy Blue sofas, but could never stomach committing to something so seemingly drastic and permanent.  The white seemed so versatile and noncommittal. But, if I wasn’t really having to commit to a whole new piece anyway, then let’s go all in! Still a little on the fence with my new trajectory, I ordered an array of white and blue swatches from Comfort Works.

slip cover color options

After getting the swatches in, I tried to image each one in my room.  I placed them on the sofa, stood back, squinted by eyes, and repeated that about 1000 times.  The Rouge Indigo is a velvet which I loved the softness of, but I love the really deep color of the Kino Navy.  Being split between these two blues made me realize that blue would be really really pretty in the very white and neutral room… and if I had to be honest (I do) the very first living room plan that my designer friend, Lacey sent to me actually included a navy sofa, but I shot it down.  When I called her to tell her about the possibility of going navy after all, she was thrilled.  Its a scary move for me, and it’s definitely going to push my comfort level a little bit in the color arena.

With the new mindset toward a blue sofa, I couldn’t very well double up on a blue rug.  I absolutely love the first photo above of this spanish house living room designed by Emily Henderson and thought a global feeling kilim rug with a little color would be nice with the blue.  Again, Lacey came to the rescue and sent me several options that she found on craigslist and I snagged the rug shown below for just $175 -brand new, still in the packaging, and 100% wool.

living room collage blue couch

No. 1 White Dove Paint from Benjamin Moore, No. 2 Hair Braid Art by Elizabeth Mayville, No. 3 Natural Blinds from Bali Blinds, No. 4 Stay Awhile art from Visual Pixie, No. 5 Indigo Throw from Amber Interiors, No. 6 Brass Planters from Schoolhouse Electric, No. 7 Mongolian Fur Pillow from Target, No. 8 my sofa recolored to blue in photoshop, No. 9 Hollister Rug from Saffars fine rugs, No. 10 Modern Globe Lamp from Target, No. 11 Box Frame Coffee Table from West Elm, No. 12 Tribal Carved end table from World Market, No. 13 Sisal-like wall to wall carpet.

I love the way it all looks together and actually think that with the amount of white on the walls and floor, the hints of color and blue will be really calm feeling.

Tell me your thoughts on this complete 360! How do you feel about the change from a white sofa to navy and subsequent need to change the rug plan?


ps. I hope you had an amazing weekend.  We were quite busy running around to different plans for father’s day, friends’ birthdays and birthing classes, but I still managed to get a little relaxing in and got myself a prenatal massage as well.  How was your weekend?


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