Lost in Kitchen Dreams

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So, it’s probably no surprise that I do my fair share of web browsing with the blog, and I am consistently drawn to kitchens.  It doesn’t matter what my original online intent was, I end up seeking out the kitchen of my dreams and getting all wrapped up in how I’ll execute said non-existent kitchen.  Many of you will remember that just a few years ago we renovated our little kitchen from an 80’s rental to something a little more chic and bright.  Still, four years later, I find myself seeking out ideas for my next kitchen.

Which is where this story takes a turn for the worst.  I found a site called Magnet Kitchens and pretty much got swept into a dark hole of designing my own totally custom space with appliances, drawer dividers, the list could go on.  This site was a serious derailer whilst at work, but dreaming of such an exclusive range of fitted kitchens  – and how to create my own masterpiece got me thinking of all the things I want in a kitchen. I am a sucker for really needing to see my options laid out there in front of me, so I think that is why I was so intrigued (ps if you’re in the UK, check it out!)

cabinet diptych

navy cabs

From navy cabinets to farmhouse sinks, I could get lost in this world.  What rooms are you always drawn to?  Any dreaming you’d like to share?

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*this post was sponsored by Magnet Kitchens, but all dreams and schemes are my own, clearly.

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