Lucite Bookend DIY

DIY lucite bookends

You all know by now my difficulty to adopt too much color into my life and my house.  I made these amazing bookends earlier this year and although I love them, they won’t do in every room in my home.  I needed something sleeker, neutral.  I dreamt up these acrylic and gold bookends and after making them, I like them more that I ever anticipated.

These bookends totaled out at around $9 for the whole thing and boy are they cute!

DIY acrylic bookends

diy acrylic bookend

They’re minimal and chic, let the books show off their colors, and are so easy to make.  Here’s the full tutorial and material list. 


Now, to buy all of these things, you’ll spend about $20, but I had glue, gold pen, and cork liner on hand, so for the main materials (acrylic and brass brackets) I spent about $9.  You could use any gold paint, any super glue, and anything kind of tacky (shelf liner, gummy dots, etc).  The acrylic pieces are from the hardware store near the window glass and they cut it for me!  You really should take advantage of all the hardware store has to offer.


  • 2 pieces of acrylic at 4″ x 5″
  • 4 ‘L’ brackets
  • Cork shelf liner (you need four itty bitty pieces)
  • Super glue
  • Gold leaf pen (or paint)

acrylic bookend tutorial

ONE glue the brackets to the acrylic at two inches apart.  Make sure both of the brackets are the same distance from the bottle of the acrylic so that the bookend doesn’t teeter.  TWO cut two pieces of cork small enough to be hidden on the underside of the brackets.  THREE glue them to the side of the bracket that is not glued to the acrylic. FOUR (not pictured) after the glue has completely dried,  fill in the empty holes in the ‘L’ brackets with gold paint/pen so that the empty holes aren’t so noticeable.

clear lucite bookends

It’s a quick and easy project for a stylish update to your bookshelf. Try it and let me know what you think!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday.

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