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I’m the kind of person who has small sharp metal things lingering around my workspace most of the time.  Pins, clips, and tacks are all pretty common, so I was in need of a way to corral them well.  At my last job, I had a little plastic disc for my desk that was magnetic and kept all of my sharp metal objects nicely organized, so since I didn’t get to take company office supplies home with me, I decided to make something similar.


With a surprising shell, and a little magnetic filling, I crafted something that could keep all the pointy things at bay (no pins in my husbands feet).  Even if you don’t play with sharp things, this desk set could help manage your safety pins, paper clips, and binder clamps.  So let’s get creative! 

DSC_4104 magnetic desk organizer workflow

ONE paint your paper mache circular box with a base color.  TWO paint on a contrasting color, using painters tape to create a sloping color-block line. THREE using a glue gun, glue each super strong magnet into the inside bottom of the box. Be very careful to hold the magnets really really well when putting them down.  They’ll want to latch onto the other magnets, but ensure to stick them uniformly apart and wait for the glue to harden before letting go of them.

I used regular acrylic paint, but you could use spray paint if you prefer.  I find that there are better color choice in acrylic, so for a project like this, that would be my choice. Repeat the steps above with the box lid for a set of these darling and handy helpers.


magnetic desk accessories

What do you think?  Is this quick tip something you could use?


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