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*photo by house of earnest*

Make it a Party is a new segment I’m going to start in which one food item (in this case lemon poppy-seed bundt cakes) can be all you need to have a party!

There is just something so fun, girly, and indulgent about a tea party, isn’t there?  These lemon poppy-seed mini bundts can stand alone.  Here is how to turn just these cakes into a full-fledged party.  *Recipe here

*dessert plates are from Crate and Barrel, Cream and Sugar fine china by Kate Spade, champagne glasses from Ikea.

1.Make a little look like a lot

On serving plates, arrange half of the cakes already plated up, filled with berries and a dollop of whipped cream on top.  On a separate serving plate,  arrange the other half of the cakes sprinkled with just powdered sugar.  In pretty dishes, offer berries and whipped cream on the side.  The makes one recipe of cakes look like a plethora of options.

You can serve the tea in the same manner.  Have the hot water in a tea-pot, sliced lemons on a separate small plate, teabags on another small plate.  You’ll have a lot to work with to make the table look full and plentiful!

2. Break out the fun accessories

Colorful plates, a teapot, creamer and sugar jar, and  pretty napkins are all things we don’t use on a daily basis and hint toward a special event.  Guests will feel like you went above and beyond if you’re not serving cream out of a grocery store carton!

3. Flowers

Get them out of your yard or from the store, regardless of how simple or elaborate, flowers make the mood.  Multiple arrangements in tiny vases can give a huge impact with few blooms.

4. Make it a Celebration

And no celebration is complete without a toast – hello mimosas!  I don’t care what the celebration is for, but make one up.  As everyone gets together with their mimosas make a toast to something… a friend who was recently promoted at work, your dog’s 1/2 birthday – everyone loves a celebration and that makes it a party!

What are you celebrating this weekend?
I am celebrating a clean house, clean dog, and a fresh eyebrow wax