Make This at Home: Yellow Thistle Flowers

*photo by house of earnest*

Yellow thistle flowers, often called ‘pineapples’ are one of my favorite little wildflowers.  They are whimsical, playful, and understated – and easy to make at home!!

The photo above on the left was made in less than 10 minutes from two materials, both purchased from Jo Ann Fabrics. This project is too cute – and not just for sitting in a vase!  I have some ideas roaming around in my head about bending them and twisting them into napkin rings, name card holders… this is just the beginning.  Unfortunately, all of these ideas came filling through my Advil PM induced dreams on the plane last night.  So I’ll whip something up and take some photos for you upon my return.  (I breifly considered emailing my husband and explaining what was going through my head, luring him into creating these things, photographing them, and emailing the photos to me…. needless to say, I nixed that idea

Total, these materials cost around $6.  Combined with the power of a glue gun, and a little trimming, you’ve got a pretty, whimsical flower arrangement! Perfect!  See the full how-to here!

Any DIY’s on your agenda this weekend? This is a pretty easy little project – how about trying it?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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