Mini Heart Mittens

heart mittens knit easy

I am not the kind of person to embellish things with hearts.  Let me start out by saying that.  It takes every fiber of my being to wear a color other than black, white, gray, or army green.  Although I’m certainly not a frivolous dresser, I have a soft spot for cute mittens, hats, and scarves… why?  Mostly because it’s winter, everything’s a bit drab, and something a little quirkier than my typical winter uniform makes me smile when all I really want to do is hop the next plane to southern California and live out the rest of my days in the sunshine.  Let’s notice, however, that the mittens are still gray and black, however.  A girl has her limits.

I didn’t actually make the mittens, I bought them from Target for $3 on clearance, but any plain, chunky mitten would work well.  The hearts were added on with just two yards of chunky roving yarn and a safety pin.  It’s that easy.  I even took them onto the plane last week to finish, so you could say this DIY is TSA approved.




I knotted a yard of yarn to a safety pin, then stuck my hand into the mitten to stretch out the knit.  I used the safety pin to stitch tiny little V’s into the mitten.


I then used the open sharp end of the safety pin to fluff up the roving yarn a little bit, making the v’s less stark and a little more rounded.


I think they turned out adorably.  I ended up getting tons of compliments on them around Vail while I was trying to find sunny spots to stand and drink my hot cocoa.

This entire project just made me think a little bit about the power of some spare yarn and a safety pin!  You could do a big heart or an initial.  You could embellish a sweater or a hat… I could keep going.

What would you make with this new (and super easy) embellishment technique?

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