Minimal Modern Block Clock DIY

minimal modern clock

Sometimes it seems like ideas just fall in your lap, no?  Well, in the case of this modern block clock diy, that is exactly what happened… literally. I had a clock in my kitchen just fall off the wall the other day and break into a billion pieces. The movement (hands/motor) of the clock were still working, so I just plucked them out of the old, broken face and set them aside.  They were a nice matte black and I thought, “Hey, I can use these in something” (famous last words of every hoarder you know).

Regardless, I didn’t just keep it for someday, I had an idea swimming around in my mind for a few months for this modern block clock.  In my mind, the clock was made from solid wood and had a white color blocked edge.  I was thinking and thinking about how to bore out a hole in the back of my block of wood large enough to fit the clock movement.  I thought about solutions as manual as using a combination of drills and chisels and also considered asking Matt to pull out the entire routing table just to carve out the space.  I didn’t like either idea… neither of them were things that I felt comfortable putting on this blog and being like, “It’s so easy!  Just get out your chisel and go to town!”  yeah right!


So, during the sleepless nights that plague my pregnancy, I sometimes just lay there and obsess over ideas that I have and how to bring them to life.  I had the thought of using something that was already hollow…. a box. After one trip and $3 spent at Michaels, I had the perfect box.  I thought it looked so sharp with just the wood and the black hands that I didn’t even end up painting the edges white!  I was perfect as-is.  Simple, cool, and natural.

So I’ll save you the hours laying awake and pondering and just show you the quick and (really!) easy process.

modern block clock diy materials


  • Wooden Box – from Michaels in-store only (not online) brand is ArtMinds size is 4″ x 4″
  • Clock Movement & Hands
  • Power drill or screw driver

modern block clock diy step 1

You know what they say, measure twice, cut (or drill) once!

modern block clock diy step 2

If you don’t have a drill, you may use a philips head screwdriver and just bore a hole by twisting the screwdriver lightly and very gently through the box.  The balsa wood is pretty thin and light, so be careful, but it does work!

modern block clock diy step 3


Isn’t it the cutest?!  Technically, you could store stuff in the box, but I have have mine empty and gracing the shelving in my living room.  It would make a great desk clock or bedside clock as well!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Is there a spot in your house that could use a little modern clock?

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