Modern DIY Baby Mobile


Experts say that newborn babies can only see bold contrasts – like black and white – for the early parts of their life.  It’s obvious to me since Maeve’s favorite things have been a few of my graphic kilim pillows and rugs.  I find her just gazing over my shoulder at the geometric designs, enthralled by the pattern.

I’ve wanted a mobile for her room, but most are sweet and subdued or really crazy colorful.  Although the subdued mobiles are in line with the nursery style, I also wanted something that she would like to look at.  Enter, this modern diy baby mobile!


When I was at Target last week, I found these cool wooden stickers and thought they’d make a really awesome mobile.  I’d just paint them and stick them to some wooden rounds.  The project is easy enough and the materials are fairly inexpensive.  Here is how I made it.

Modern DIY Baby Mobile Materials:

black-and-white-mobile-materials black-and-white-mobile-step-1

First, paint all of your wood stickers black.  You’ll stick these to the raw wood side of your rounds.  Next, paint just one side of your wooden rounds.  I used 16 of the 21 pieces that came in my variety pack (link in the materials list above).



Now comes the fun part!  Get out 4 pieces of thread, each piece at about 3 feet long.  Glue the wooden stickers to the wooden rounds, sandwiching the thread in between.  Even though the stickers are sticky, still use a good glue.  You don’t want a small piece falling in the crib.

You’ll create 4 different strands and each strand will have 4 rounds on it.  Begin at the end of the thread with the smallest circle. Continue with the remaining 3 rounds that you want on that thread.  You can see in the above photo how I laid out the 4 rounds that I wanted on each strand.

I had two strands with the 3″, 2″, 1.5″, and 1″ pieces.  The other two strands I made with the 2.5″, 1.75″, 1.5″, and 1″ pieces.


When you’re done glueing stickers to the rounds, you should have about 1.5 feet of thread left over.  Tie the strand about 1″ above the largest disc to the embroidery hoop, leaving a long tail.  Once all 4 strands are tied to the hoop, gather all of the tails and knot them together.


dsc_4720 dsc_4725

Although I gave fairly detailed directions, you certainly do NOT have to follow this to the letter!  Have fun and play with the stickers and rounds.  You can make this as fun as you’d like.

I hope you liked this project!  It was a fun little hour-long DIY that turned out wonderfully!


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