Modern Garden Shed

shed with copy copy

This weekend, we started staking out plans for our next big project.  After we renovated and rented out the property next door, we lost the garage that we used as storage for Matt’s landscaping company.  I speak a lot about building a barn, which we need to act as an office for both of our companies, and a warehouse for my shop.  BUT with winter coming closer than we’d like to believe, a full scale barn wasn’t really in the cards for this year.  My inventory is at a warehouse space on the south side of the city, so it’s fine for now, but we still needed a place to house Matt’s landscaping equipment before winter rolled around.

Usually the things Matt wants to build are way more ‘out there’ than what I’d really like to put on my property and look at day in and day out.  But this was different.

Matt came to me a few weeks ago with plans for this modern looking shed, and although the original pictures were pretty rustic (below) I really loved the modern lines and could easily envision what a little paint and hardware could do to the plans.  So I went about mocking it up in photoshop to get a real feel for the project.  With my full support, Matt moved forward into stage one of the build.


(photo source & plan source)

stake out

He called my dad who is a civil engineer and the two of them staked off the land to be excavated.  One call to the excavator (who happens to be my uncle) and we’re ready to break ground within the next two weeks.

We have to get proper approval from the city and get a building permit as well.  I have to get together a line drawing of the land with how the structure will be positioned and Matt is getting building plans together for the shed.

It’s crazy to see an idea just materialize in one weekend.  All we have are stakes (and my photoshop illustration above!) but that is a big part of the plans.  Once the approval goes through, my dad and Matt are building the whole structure themselves (I’m sure I’ll help where I can) and I cannot wait to see it come to life!

A few weeks ago, I had shared the black buildings in this post, so I was really inspired to take the plunge with something small (like this shed) to see how it looks. I’m thinking of using Benjamin Moore’s Mopboard Black, which is a slightly antiqued and softer black.  After last year’s trip to Williamsburg, I’ve been dying to use this color somewhere!

It’s early, but I intend to showcase each step of this build and give you guys an unclose and personal view of the process!

I hope your weekend was good also! Anything new?

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