Modern Spring Wreath DIY

minimal spring living wreath

Happy St. Patricks day!  I have a little green for you today!  Over the past few weeks, spring has been inching closer and closer.  Yesterday’s 70 degree temps in our area had me thinking about landscaping, cleaning off the patio, and getting things ready for outdoor entertaining. Are you there yet? I know we’re still a bit far out, but I wanted a little taste of spring in my life this week, so I made a wreath which captures the essence of this season so beautifully. I also wanted something that was a little more modern than what you can typically purchase at the store.

When you live in the woods, it’s easy to love spring.  The buds on the trees all start growing at the same time and the bright, new green almost starts to radiate around you. It’s almost like you can feel life starting to grow all around.  I wanted to capture this feeling in a modern way with my wreath and I also wanted something that would look pretty for a long period of time, so I chose to make a ‘living’ wreath out of air plants and moss… both of which can be spritzed with water to keep them looking fresh all spring long. I’m not a huge fan of air plants because they’re kind of desert-y for my taste, but surrounded by more vibrant, lush moss, the variation looks beautiful.  I also added in some birch and feature accents just to really push the forest feel. Let’s get on with the tutorial for this modern spring wreath DIY! 






WRAP the wreath in twine just to tame the wisps of grapevine a little, so it doesn’t look as ‘regular’.

CREATE a foundation of moss, but using a hot glue gun to glue it to the wreath base.  Cover 1/2 of the wreath with the first moss.  If you think of the wreath like a clock, cover from 1 o’clock to 7 o’clock with the moss.



GLUE your largest air plant to the wreath using hot glue, nestle it in the moss and grape vine at about 5 o’clock.  Then, arrange some of the smaller air plants on either side of the large plant.



AFTER your airplants are in place, add some different colored moss than your foundation.  Glue it down so that it radiates outward from the air plants.

CUT some pieces of birch into the shape of leaves (if using)



DAB some glue onto the base of the birch ‘leaf’ and wedge it in the side of the grapevine.

WEAVE a few feathers into the sides of the wreath above and below the large air plant.




It turned out better than I could have even hoped for!  At first I was a little underwhelmed, but then as I added more moss and more natural elements it took on a very organic vibe, that it had all just grown together like that.

To keep the wreath looking its best, spritz it with water 2x/week.  The air plants and the moss both ‘breathe’ and take in moisture through the surface, which is also why it is ok to use glue on the backs.

I hope you enjoyed this little spring project and I hope you make one of your own!  If you do, please share it on Instagram! Have a great one, guys!


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