Moody Floral Scandinavian Kitchen

floral paper scandi kitchen

Last week, I was doing a bit of research on some of the moody, florals that are showing up everywhere from fashion to paper goods to home decor.  I crept upon this kitchen and really loved how natural and soothing the kitchen seems, while still being totally on-trend from a floral trend perspective.  Is it crazy that this floral wallpaper by Morris & co was originally designed in 1876?  Crazy, right?  Although I’m not a huge floral person, this was one I could totally get behind.

Maybe it’s because the sweeping dusty florals are balanced so well by the white tile, or maybe because of the stark contrast between the old and new, but this kitchen just speaks to me.  The copper accessories bring out a blush tone in the wall paper as well, and blush is one color I am wishing I had a little more of in my life (I did recently buy a pair of blush flats and have been wearing them with everything in my closet).

floral paper copper pan

scandi floral kitchen up close

Originally when I happened upon this kitchen it was on a Swedish real estate site (you know me and international real estate), but it’s since been sold. Damn.

floral scandi kitche

scandi floral kitchen

scandi floral kitchen hallway

I really just think it’s a gorgeous kitchen to gaze at and get some good ideas.  The use of space, accessories, and wood mixing just reaffirms how beautifully put-together spaces don’t have to be over designed or fancy.

I want to hear from you!  How do you like this Swedish kitchen?

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