More Than a Resolution

house of earnest 2013

When it comes to resolutions, I’ve found that a year is entirely too long to make a blanket statement.  Resolutions that I’ve made in the past have become obsolete before the snow melts and I’ve completely moved on from whatever grabbed my attention at that stroke of midnight.

This year, I’m not thinking about just today or tomorrow.  I’m thinking about the entire year, all that is possible, and the joy in knowing that I have no clue where I’ll be come the end of 2013.  There is a kind of freedom in the thought that I have a whole year ahead of me, it holds boundless and unknown possibilities, and I can do anything with it I choose.

What are your thoughts?  Any big plans for 2013?  or will you just see where the year takes you?

Have a Happy Happy Day dear friends!

photo credit: Bike Magazine

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