More than Sweet for Spring

blueberry basil lemonade cocktail

I spent this weekend breaking in the new patio with some friends and although the weather isn’t entirely springy (yet), I did find that a fresh, sweet drink really helped.  The best part about this spring concoction?  It’s super low calorie.  I’ll admit that the recipe came from a friend who calls it the ‘fat-burner’.  I put a slight twist on it by adding in fresh blueberries and muddled basil.  I love the added dimension of the herb and who doesn’t love alcohol infused fresh fruit at the bottom of a drink?

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

blueberry basil lemonade cooler

blueberry basil lemonade recipe

The drink is light, fizzy, a little fruity (but not too sweet), and will go down smoothly, so be careful!

I know it’s just Monday, but lets take advantage of the longer days and sip away!

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