Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mothers day hero

Mother’s day is right around the corner and I’ve been thinking of some of the things that make great gifts.  I truly believe that any good gift is something that is a mixture of what Mom would use and what she also wouldn’t buy for herself.  Also, extra points if it’s not something that she needs.  I like the idea of buying indulgent little nuggets that Mom would love to splurge on, but just doesn’t because she’s busy thinking about everyone else.

There is a little something for everyone from new mothers up to grandmothers, so let’s dig in!


mothers day gift guide

STACKABLE BIRTHSTONE RINGS – These delicate stacking stone rings from Mark & Graham are gorgeous for just about anyone.  It’s too bad that I’m not quite sure of the month of my little one yet (since the due date is so on-the-fence) otherwise, I’d already be wearing one.

COPPER FRENCH PRESS – I’ve got coffee on the brain because I also have a coffee post coming up tomorrow (stay tuned!) but a really beautiful french press is great because it functions wonderfully and looks gorgeous sitting out. This is especially great for the afternoon coffee drinker in your life.

LUXE LOTION – Although this option might seem played out, seriously ask yourself.  If you got some really luxe lotion, wouldn’t you be so excited to use it? I get weirdly happy about small things like great a lotion or face mask. Encourage the mom in your life that self care is important and so is she.

SEASONAL COOKBOOK – My mother-in-law loves to cook and is always trying new fun recipes for her family and her social circle.  I thought of her the second I saw the new Love and Lemons cookbook.  Bonus, I would get to borrow it!

PRETTY VASE – Flowers are pretty common, but since they’re short lived, make the gift really last with a beautiful vase.  I love the Potter’s Workshop collab with West Elm.

COOL WRAP – If you or a mom in your life doesn’t have a black and white graphic scarf, you must buy one now.  You’ll see why I am so passionate about this next week (wink, wink), but this is also a great gift for a grandmother who has everything under the sun.

BETTER BREW – Again, coffee brain over here.  But, if your mom loves her morning joe, get her something indulgent and fun.  I love the KonaBox for it’s high quality and monthly subscription.

SUMMER KICKS – She’s might seem like a strange gift, but my mom is always wearing some cool new sneaker or bootie.  It’s just her thing.  In the past, I’ve bought shoes for both my mom and my MIL and they both have loved them.  Again, shoes are a fun statement piece that maybe they wouldn’t buy for themselves. I’m particularly fond of these espadrille sneakers from Vans.

Anything catching your eye for Mom?

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