My Alter Ego

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Hey Friends!  I know it’s odd to see me around here on a Thursday!

Since earlier this year, I’ve been taking Thursday’s off and with good reason… I have an alter ego!

Some of you know of this and some of you may be learning about my ‘other life’ for the first time.  Although I haven’t posted here on a Thursday in several months, I do take this day to post on my other blog (what??! another blog? but why?).

Many of you know that my professional career isn’t just in blogging about beautiful home decor, entertaining, and DIY, but in the fashion and product design industry.  I left that industry on a corporate level about two years ago to launch my own shop – Earnest Home co.

But, lurking below the surface was always this desire to not only create product for myself (evident by my shop & this blog),  but also to help other people who have the same dream to launch their own product lines, shops, and retail dreams.

So, that is what I do on Thursdays! Over at I teach about the retail industry and about the strategies for starting a product line.

I know that for A LOT of you, this is not interesting at all. I’m not offended  We can keep meeting here and ogling over beautiful homes and DIYs.

BUT for those of you who either have the dream of launching a product for yourself OR who know somebody who has always talked about starting a shop or an invention, etc… you might get something valuable over on  So just remember that each Thursday, I post over there.  Today, we’re talking about why starting a shop is so scary and what you can do to squash overwhelm. See you there!!


p.s.  For my Earnest Home co faithful, do NOT worry!  I will still post here 4x/week.  I won’t leave you hanging… I just created a separate website so that you all didn’t have to hear about the retail industry day-in-and-day out and only those who want to learn about it can dive in! See you back here tomorrow for The List!!


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