My DIY Laundry Room Reno

laundry reno - before

I let you guys know that just last week, I began the transformation of my laundry room.  I wanted it to go from downright disgusting and cramped to a place where I didn’t have to rewash if a wet sock fell onto the floor (before I would have immediately placed anything that touched that floor back into the washer).

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laundry room renovation DIY quick easy

laundry room renovation

Ta-da!  I am in love.  I took my inspiration pretty verbatim.  I wanted something clean and soothing with a little bit of drama, and everything from floor to ceiling needed replaced.  I mean everything.

I choose a dark color for the walls which is balanced out by so much white trim and the beadboard. Very straight-forward shelving which holds way more than you’d ever expect, and new light fixture and flooring rounded out the reno.  We busted out this bad boy in just 7 hours and $300.  Can you believe it?  Keep on reading for more photos, complete breakdown, and giveaway details.

laundry renovation

We started out with a room that had gross 30-year-old paint, a much older cracked and peeling linoleum floor, exposed lightbulb overhead, and a door to the exterior of the house that was broken, caulked shut, and allowed zero privacy (sometimes a girl’s got to run to the dryer in her underwear, you know?).

I use this room not only for laundry, but also as a pantry and a utility closet since it’s right off of the kitchen.  It holds cleaning supplies, the vacuum, brooms, paper towels, and non-perishable pantry items. Since I had to get in and out of there often, it needed some serious help.

I said we completed this reno in 7 hours (not including shopping and a mid-day birthday party).  Here’s how we did it:

  • 11am – Head to Home Depot for supplies.  We were in and out in under an hour and fit everything onto one cart.
  • 12:30 pm – Get back home and unload Home Depot haul.  Clear out the laundry room of everything inside.
  • 1:00 pm – Matt peeled up the old linoleum while I removed wall hooks and patched holes.
  • 1:30 pm – I started painting the top 2/3 of the walls this beautiful slate color called Refuge from Sherwin Williams.  It’s the prettiest slate blue-gray with just a little hint of green.  I love it and am considering other places in my house where I can use it! While I painted, Matt measured up the beadboard and cut the couple pieces that we needed.
  • 3:00 pm – Detour from the project for a birthday gathering at my parent’s house for my brother.
  • 5:00pm – Install beadboard and trim.  I painted the trim around the room white and gave the beadboard a little once-over since it was already white, but had some scuff marks from the saw. I also did a second coat of the Refuge.
  • 7:00pm – Matt installed the new light fixture.  We had to get a pendant and swag it over about a foot since the actual electrical was where I wanted my shelving. We installed the track for this Elfa Shelving from The Container store and attached the vertical tracks.
  • 8:00pm – After a good vacuuming, we started laying down the floor.  This floor is pretty bowed and not level whatsoever, so we choose a stone-like linoleum tile to bend and flex allowing us to fit it better into the space.  It looks good once down and is much harder underfoot than the old type of linoleum sheeting.
  • 9:30pm – We moved the washer and dryer back into the space, gave it a quick clean, and called it a night.

laundry renovations

renovated laundry room

After the initial rush to get the renovation portion done, I took my time this week to organize, play with the shelving, and put back all of our supplies and stuff into the proper places.  Those are the things I love doing the most!

All in all, I am so happy with the transformation.  It’s still the same tiny space, but we made the most of it and squeezed every bit of style the 36 square feet could possibly handle.  I am still looking for a bit of art to go in there, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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