Nailhead Upholstered Corkboard

upholstering a corkboard

I have a little teaser for you all today!  We keep sneaking further and further into the office makeover before the big reveal next week.  We still have a few details to complete, but in the meantime will share some DIYs for completed pieces of the puzzle. This weekend, I recovered by plain and boring cork board into something a little more elevated.  I thought it was a fitting Monday project as we’re all gearing up for our work weeks!

At this moment, I keep glancing over to my finished inspiration board and I just love how it turned out – working with the decor rather than just being an eyesore.  Using leftover linen from my headboard DIY, all I had to purchase were the decorative nailheads which were fairly inexpensive to complete this pretty upholstered corkboard.  The full project requires very few steps and is quite easy, so let’s get to it! 

how to upholster a corkboard



  • Staplegun
  • Yardstick

DSC_8923 DSC_8925

ONE cut the fabric so that you have about a 2″ overhang border on all sides of the cork board. TWO starting with one of the short sides, wrap the 2″ fabric border over the back of the frame and staple into place. Do that entire side first.  THREE do not move to an adjacent (long) side, instead go to the opposite short side of the cork board and pull the fabric very tightly, then wrap over the frame and staple on the back. Keep pulling the fabric tightly, ensuring that the fabric is evenly pulled along the entire side. Then, move to one of the long sides, staple as in step two and the move to the opposite long side pulling tightly and stapling as in step three.

DSC_8926 DSC_8928

Once the fabric is totally secured all of the way around, there will be some space between the cork and the fabric where it’s bridged across the frame.  This is ok. FOUR line your yardstick up against the framed edge of your cork board and place the nailheads one inch apart between the yardstick and the frame. Continue all of the way around the edge of the board.

And you’re all done!  If you’d like the nails to be closer together, or further apart you can customize however you’d like!  Just keep in mind that you might been more or less nails if you deviate from this plan.

This is a totally simple project, but if you’re new to upholstery, its a fabulous beginner step.  Learning how to evenly pull fabric for tightness is something that is more difficult as the shapes of whatever you’re upholstering change.  If you have any questions, please feel free to pop a comment in below!

I hope you enjoyed this super easy project, and glimpse into the office!  Happy Monday, guys!

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