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*photo from Skona Hem via Lovenordic Design Blog

I am in LOVE with this dining room.  It’s getting a permanant spot the inspiration board. Dining rooms are usually a thing I feel kind of ‘eeh’ about.  They’re like a necessary evil.  In my future home (that I’m building in my head) I don’t intend on including a formal dining room, but instead a really open eat in kitchen concept.  I’m still working out the details!

What really gives this room the punch that makes my knees week are the windows. They’re downright amazing.  They allow so much light into the room that it appears really warm and inviting. Even though I can’t transport windows like this into my house, I can take a few cues from this room.

Pacifica 60 Dining Table, $899; Modern Windsor Dining Chair | west elm, $149; Globe Pendant | west elm, $99; Lani Vase, $4.95; Turned Wood Candlestick – White Baluster | Candleholder | Wisteria, $99; Areaware Distortion Candlestick, $24; Royer Swivel Stools, $249; Metro Subway White 11 3/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. Glazed Porcelain Mosaic…, $5.95; Turned Wood Candlestick – Black Trumpet | Candleholders | Wisteria, $119

Are you guys as smitten as I am?

P.S. Ok… so if I had to be completely honest, I would throw in a rug like this one.  I know it isn’t in the inspiration picture, but an awesome rug never hurt anyone!



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