Neon Rope Coasters

diy neon coasters - house of earnest

I love buying materials that I like even if I don’t (at the time) have a plan for them.  This project was one of those cases.  While scavenging the aisles at the Home Depot, I found some masonry rope that was the perfect neon pink!  I bought it with little idea what I was going to do with it and got to brainstorming.

I created these little woven coasters because the contrast with the light wood is so pretty and modern.  They’re perfect to have on hand for summer to brighten up even just a simple tray of water for guests.

neon coaster double

neon rope coasters - house of earnest

neon coaster workflow

ONE cut the sticks to 2 3/4″ lengths.  TWO securing the ends of three sticks in a hardback book, and pressing down very firmly on the book, start weaving the rope through the sticks, leaving a long tail at the beginning which you’ll use to add a few more rows to the beginning end once you remove it from the book.  After each row, be sure to scoot the ropes tightly toward the book and tighten. THREE continue in this method, one row then push & tighten throughout the whole length of the sticks.  FOUR once you’ve reached the end, remove from the book and use your beginning bit of rope to add a few rows to the start.  Secure both ends on the bottom with glue.

The light weight wooden craft sticks can be found at a craft store with the dowels and the rope is found with the other ropes and chains in the hardware store.

two material neon coasters - house of earnest

It took me about 30 minutes to make all four, so it’s something you can do on an afternoon in just no time!  I think this would also be a fun project for teen girls if you have any of those running around your house.  The colors can be switched up too, there are all types of crazy colored ropes at the hardware store and doing this with jute or bakers twine would give a really natural tonal look as well!

Give it a go and let me know how they turned out!

Have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!


p.s. A BIG thank you to everyone’s supportive comments yesterday!  You guys light up my life!



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