New Sponsor: Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography

Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography is the newest sponsor here on House of Earnest and I am so excited to introduce you to Ben! His work is absolutely breathtaking.  Ben focuses so much on the people, their happiness, and telling their story – a quality that gives the photos such a beautiful depth and personality.

I was blown away when I saw his work and really snatched up the opportunity to welcome him as a sponsor to the blog.  He studied in California, resides in Columbus, and works all over the world.  He has done weddings abroad and in headed to Ireland soon for another (which I’m sure will be downright stunning).

If you’re already married, don’t worry!  He does family and life event photos too, which are equally as gorgeous.  You’ve got to see the ‘Family’ section of his website for a milestone birthday that will pull at your heartstrings.


Help me to welcome Ben to House of Earnest!



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