New Spring Additions!


Happy Monday, guys!  I am so excited today to share the Earnest Home co spring designs with you! We’ve focused on our trademark neutral color palette with lots of natural touches, variety in texture, and a little hint of shine.

Unlike past seasons, we didn’t bring in a large collection all at once.  Here, there are just 5-6 new pieces, but there is something quite special and meaningful about these designs. Let me explain.

In past years, I’ve been so intent on the need to bring in a whole slew of new items all at once – like your favorite shop would for their seasonal update. For us, however, this method didn’t quite work.  It took attention away from the hands-on creation process and meant that lots of items had to be outsourced to make such a large shipment work.

This year, one of our big goals is to bring some of the production stateside and work more hands on with the makers who are crafting my ideas.  We are working with some local materials – walnut – and some local woodworkers to bring designs like our large (18″!!) marble and wood serving board to life.


Working in smaller batches means that each product has more time and effort spent on it, and our customers get a product that has been carefully crafted.  Also, we’re excited that this newer strategy allows us to review each product and sometimes to have yours made especially for you when you order it. The items are made in small quantities, which we love, because it means that you probably won’t find the same design in your neighbors house (unless your neighbor happens to have as impeccable taste as you).

Our signature items from past collections (the items that we carry over each season & don’t go on sale) are in a similar boat. These designs are close to my heart have been ordered just several at a time and I’ve personally vetted each incoming (and outgoing) order. Items like our appetizer plates and utensils are made of teak – a material that is known for it’s excellent wear overtime and it’s water resistance.


I am so excited about the ways we’re evolving as a company and so grateful that you guys are so supportive.

Have an amazing Monday, and go check out the new pieces when you get a moment!

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