New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers

new years eve confetti poppers

I know, I know, I know!  It’s a bit early for new years eve projects, but I need to post this early for two reasons.  First, this uses the empty insides of a wrapping paper roll (so go ahead and keep those!).  Secondly, Ill be taking a brief blog break from Christmas through NYE and wanted to get this one in before I take off!

I originally was going to do confetti filled balloons that everyone can burst and there would be a fortune inside, but I’m pretty terrified of bursting balloons, so the logistics behind that post just weren’t going to work out, but as I lay in bed and run my mind through the action of projectile shooting confetti, this simple use of a balloon came to mind. I was happy when it actually worked!



confetti popper balloon confetti tutorial

ONE use a very hearty wrapping paper roll and slice it in 4″ segments using a serrated knife. TWO cut a balloon just about 1 cm above where the curve begins. THREE get your fingers in the neck of the balloon and stretch it to the size of the wrapping paper roll.  FOUR stretch the balloon around the roll, leaving about a quarter sized opening.

fill your confetti popper

Just fill up the popper with confetti, then wrap it with our pretty PRINTABLE PAPER WRAP!

It’s a pretty quick project that can easily be made with things from the grocery store.  We just made the confetti by using a hole punch on silver paper.  It worked perfectly!

Have fun with this one!

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