Not Just For Indoors…Outdoor Clean

Pretty much my whole life, I can remember my father talking about wanting an outdoor shower. The younger me thought this was a ridiculous idea.  Why would you want to shower (and be naked) outside where there are plants and bugs and you might just get dirty walking back inside.

The current me wants an outdoor shower pretty badly.  Being outside with nature on a warm summer evening would be nice. Adding a second shower to our one current would be double nice… and I suppose the nicest of all would be the chance it would give my grass covered husband to clean off before he stepped in the house.

After doing a little research, I think others have had the same master plan.  The shower above is from the home of Martha Stewart Living’s decorating editor Rebecca Robertson and couldn’t be more appealing.  These outdoor showers’ use range from seaside retreats to garden showers to just plain added bathroom space.

*above from Samuel H Williamson Associates incorporates an outdoor shower into a clients backyard pool garden.

*by Coburn Architecture, an outdoor shower in this one bathroom beach shack accommodates a second bather.

 *photo by robert granoff

*Paradise Valley Residence by Carson Poetzl

Are you ready to take a shower in your backyard yet? I sure am… I am already scheming about how this could be done asap in my yard.  But now, I’m off to take a shower in my indoor bathroom!

I suppose it is the first day back to work for a lot of us, have a WONDERFUL Tuesday and four-day week!!

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