Notes from a Holiday Weekend



Happy Weekend, guys! I know some of you had to rally yesterday and head into work after the Thanksgiving holiday and now you’re finally relaxing.  I’ve had a moment to sit still this morning (since I’m on a plane for the next 8 hours, but more about that later), and take a moment to reflect on the holiday, and the last two weeks of self employment and the time out to think and reflect is definitely a powerful thing.

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk openly about the move to self-employment, the motivators and moments it took for me to take the leap, and how anyone can find fulfillment in their careers. I am following along with Hilary Rushford on her upcoming book launch regarding what she calls the ‘4-part Entrepreneurial Cocktail’.  She speaks about four main parts of being a successful entrepreneur – How to stay motivated, how to play to our strengths, how to turn a profit, and how to do it all without being overwhelmed.  Hillary has asked 30 business owners and bloggers to chime in on one of these four parts of her ‘entrepreneurial cocktail’.  I thought I’d take the time to share with you a little about my entrepreneurial spirit, what motivated me to start this blog, and what motivates me everyday to continue. I get so many emails of people wanting to know more about my background and how I went from a college chemist to creative business owner and how I got started blogging.  The truth is, it all started by needing to take the first step toward making something of my own and making a name for myself.  I knew the life I wanted (a creative business of my own), but I didn’t know quite how to get there, so I took one step and that was to start a blog. What continues to motivate me is something I could have never expected.

When I started out in the blog community I was so overwhelmed by it all.  There were the ‘big names’ out there and the crazy talented bloggers that had paved a way before me.  It’s easy to get consumed by that thought, but I had a big desire to become a part of it, have a voice in the community, and connect with people who had the same interests I do.

I spent the first few months blogging about what I thought others wanted to read.  I blogged about things that I saw other bloggers writing about, and I wasn’t fulfilled.  I remember thinking that I had more talents than what I was exhibiting in just another ‘color trend’ post, but I wasn’t seeing many other bloggers do small little DIY projects.  What was out there at that time was either renovations, food, or fashion blogging.  Remember – Pinterest didn’t even exist then!

I decided to dive in and show the little home DIY projects that I loved to create.  I put my head down, ignored what other bloggers were writing about, and made things I loved.  The joy I felt from playing into my strengths and hitting my stride (after over a year blogging) was more that I could have ever expected, but that is not what keeps me coming back here every day.

The sole thing that keeps me motivated to do my best work is the response and support from you guys.  I want to ‘wow’ you guys.  I want to put out new, innovative, and inspiring projects that you can benefit from.  The readers who come here and comment, who email me photos of my projects that they’ve done, or who just love something enough to share with their friends, they are why I continue.  It’s you guys that fill my heart with gratitude for the opportunity to have this little corner of the internet.   If I feel that I’ve made an ounce of a difference in one persons life, I’m motivated to make another, and another, and another.

So, on this holiday weekend, as I contemplate the things I’m most grateful for, it comes down to you, my readers, and the fulfillment I get from interacting with you and the joy it gives me to share my thoughts and my crazy brainchild projects with you!  I am truly humbled by the responses I get from you all and the steps House of Earnest has taken since it’s creation.  I am happy to come to this place each day and share with all of you.



p.s  I also have some exciting news – first is that we’re participating in Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday over at Grandiflora!  You can take $10 off for every $100 spent!  Head on over and pick up that piece you’ve been eyeing

p.p.s.  I am actually the FIRST stop on the 24 Merry Days which starts tomorrow!  Come back for a chance to win a pretty amazing prize!

p.p.p.s. I am flying to Hawaii today.  I hadn’t told you guys because I have been in holiday mode and completely forgot to mention it!  Do not worry, however, because I have some AMAZING posts this week starting with the giveaway tomorrow, then my chosen Christmas decor scheme, a really stunning handmade gift idea, and the solution to my cane chair fabric problem!


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